Learn how to make Omurice (Japanese rice omelette) with Chef Taka

Let's learn how to make delicious and picture-perfect Omurice (Japanese rice omelette) from a chef.

You will learn how to make the popular Japanese rice omelette called Omurice. I will show you the tips to making the professional ketchup rice filling and an easy way to make a creamy and silky omelette that goes on top of the ketchup rice. You will also learn how to make a rich mushroom cream sauce that goes perfect with the Omurice.

They are all prepared using fresh ingredients.
Your family is also welcome to join the lesson.

You'll receive a shopping list after booking, so please have the ingredients ready prior to your lesson.

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Experience duration (hours): 1.0
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Hello lovely people. My name is Taka.
I'm a chef and have experience working at a French bistro, Ramen restaurant and Izakaya(Japanese-style pub).
I started teaching Japanese food in 2019 to foreign tourists and residents in Japan. I mainly teach how to cook delicious food from my home island Hokkaido, which is the northernmost island of Japan.
I also perform live cooking shows on social media and they are enjoyed by thousands of people.

Through my experience, I found out that a lot of people around the world think Japanese food is difficult to cook or have trouble using Japanese ingredients, which was kind of shocking to me as Japanese food itself had gained such popularity globally. That is why I started teaching people how to cook authentic Japanese food. My students always enjoy new findings and experiences as well as the food

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You'll be informed of the details of the ingredients and cooking utensils.


After booking your lesson, you'll receive an URL for zoom meeting along with the details of the lesson.
My lessons are live streamed from my home in Yokohama, Japan