Forming your own Mandala artwork with guided meditation

Mandala, meaning “circle” in Sanskrit, has many beautiful ways of creating itself. Mandalas are all around us, and in this artistic experience, We will take you step by step to creating a Mandala, that will have significance to you. Each creator’s mandala will represent them, their inner circle and creativity. There is no need to have previous Mandala making experience. You just need yourself, your imagination and to trust yourself. We will start with a short-guided mediation and explanation about Mandalas and dive into finding our inner artist.
We will help guide you into forming patterns, color choices and exploring. We will have fun with the artistic expression and be delighted to feel amazing at the end of the process!

Experience duration (hours): 1.0
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About the host:

Michal is an art teacher from New York that has an enormous passion for art and inspiring others to create. She is the co-owner of Tel Aviv Art Studio. Michal studied fine art and art history, and has years of experience teaching art to both children and adults.
She completed her Masters Degree in Art Therapy at Haifa University.
Her move to Tel Aviv has allowed her to continue her professional art career and to spread her love for teaching art.

Requirements - material and skills:

A piece of paper, three tracing circles (such as a plate, cup, and bowl to trace around) and colors, such as markers or paint.


There is no previous artistic knowledge or skill required. Come with an open mind and excitement to create!

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