Learn how to create a realistic drawing of your favorite flower

We are here to explore the power of a pen and its ability to construct tones and value in floral illustration.

I'm here to guide you how to build a flower starting from the base and use your own creativity and style to reflect your personality throughout the execution. The wonderful thing about flowers is that no matter how simple or how detailed, or how elaborate or plain, they are always beautiful. They have been depicted in art throughout the centuries with different meanings and symbolism. One single flower has such evocative and unique qualities to the individual; may it be personal, cultural, emotional or religious. A rose may mean romance to one, but to another, may stir feelings of hate.

Here we will learn a few basic techniques and from there, you will have the foundation to go on and adapt to create endless variants.

We will talk about different types of pens, pressure application, the different styles of shading (linework/dotwork), how to put together your composition on the page, and most importantly, getting started!

Hopefully by the end, you will have learned some basic techniques and principals of floral artwork and illustration as well as as producing a composition of your own that can be a lovely piece for your home or a gift for a friend.

Experience duration (hours): 1.5
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About the host:

I am a British born artist, but found inspiration when I moved to Israel. The flora of the country awoke my curiosity in botany and I felt compelled to draw her flowers.
I truly believe artwork is affected by the artist's mood and emotion. Which is why I chose to draw in black ink; I do not wish for any misinterpretation. Colour is deceptive; evocative even. It is my aim to maintain complete impartial neutrality so the viewer can make their own perception of the flower they are viewing.
Art is for everyone! Give it a try, everyone has their own unique style – there are no wrong answers.

Requirements - material and skills:

You Will Need:
Black Pens
-My favourites are Micron sizes 005, 01, 02
If you can't get these, any black pens of ranging thickness will do.
Compass (Not Compulsory)


SPECIAL OFFER during The duration of COVID-19, this class will be available for 10$ instead of 15$

This is a class suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced.

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