7 Chakras - Cosmology and Experience

According to Indian and yogic tradition, beyond our physical organs there are several subtle energetic centers that are responsible for the balanced functioning of our body-mind-energy system. 

This experience offers you an introduction to familiarize with the beyond-the-visible reality of seven main chakras: we will get to know a bit more about them, not only from a theoretical point of view, but also through embodied practices such as breathing, visualizations, mantra singing, movement and dancing meditation. 

Moreover, we will get the chance to harmonize our chakras system through focused guided experiences. Are you ready to let yourself go into this amazing and playful self-discovery journey? 

Experience duration (hours): 2.0
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About the host:

For ten years I have been researching into embodied practices and healing arts, traveling around Europe and South America. I intertwine a theoretical background in philosophy and dance anthropology to practical movement-based approaches from contemporary dance, dance therapy and somatic movement.
I am a mother, a yoga teacher and mindfulness facilitator, developing projects about awareness, embodiment, arts and deep ecology. I love being in nature and connecting to people, finding ways to share and learn from each other!

Requirements - material and skills:

Comfortable clothes, a yoga mat or similar, a notebook and pen, a pillow and a blanket.


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