Forced glances: interior photography with an Award-Winning Pro

What new meanings can photography take in forced isolation?

Stuck in my studio apartment in Milan, at the epicenter of the Corona epidemic, I've been exploring reality under a whole new lens. Suddenly landscapes and objects that in our day-to-day we hardly notice, take a completely new meaning. Living in a limited context we need to expand our gaze beyond the limits of concrete possibility, we need to expand the research for new meanings in the everyday objects, or to focus on a new possible story using the everyday space.

What you will learn:

I will try to explain how to observe reality and its subtle changes from your apartment. Evaluate what are the points of interest throughout the day and how they evolve over time. I will try to suggest some hypotheses of daily analysis in an attempt to break down the small changes and insert them in a wider design context. Photography at this time has perhaps lost its value as a universal language and is increasingly entering the sphere of a more personal story, which responds to the need for deepening oneself. How is it possible to convey this need?

How the class works:

  • You'll bring five interior photos taken in your apartment. It's important for the pictures to tell a story, and have a set order to be observed in. I'll give you some comments on your photos and suggestions on how to create a complete work, selecting sequences and contents.
  • I'll tell you about my own exploration in these unique circumstance.
  • We'll take some more pictures together over, using your phone or laptop camera to create innovative staging and composition.
Experience duration (hours): 3.0
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About the host:

Luca Rotondo’s research focuses primarily on the investigation of landscape, widely intended as a new idea of human or inner landscape, with special attention to the human aspect and it’s spatial relations. He then begins a series of in-depth projects, the theme being portraits of individuals depicted as an architectural presence and the relationship with their surroundings. Each person is therefore in a constant dialogue with his surrounding living space.

He continues to work on editorial assignments and has been published in IoDonna, Corriere della Sera, D Repubblica, D-lui, Icon Design, Icon Australia, Domus, Elle Decore, the World of Interiors, Esquire, Interni magazine, Living, Panorama, The Next Building, Planum. Over time he has also collaborated with numerous architects, designers, businesses and media agencies. His “Metropolitan Lullabies” project won him the 12th edition Ponchielli award. Since 2016, he has been teaching landscape photography at IED (European Institute of Design) in Milan. He has participated in several collective exhibitions and some of his artworks are now part of the Bracco Foundation’s collection.

Requirements - material and skills:
  • 5 photos of interiors taken from your apartment
  • A laptop or smartphone with a reasonably good camera

The experience lasts two hours.

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