COMING SOON! Tel Aviv sound to your living room with a local DJ

You will have a deeper understanding and insight into the mind of a DJ.

Many of your questions and natural curiosity concerning the art form of spinning music will be answered. You’ll be challenged, you’ll have fun, you’ll gain a greater appreciation for the art of DJing.

I will explain you how the Dj setup works: we will go from the basics behind the art of beat matching with records, to the most advanced techniques. We will practice together, beat matching, mixing and start to understand how to create your own mixing style. *No need to have the whole set at home, you will learn all the techniques and how to get your own studio with you on your phone! *

I will introduce you to this amazing world, starting from telling you the background stories behind the Electronic Music scene in Tel Aviv, the vibe of the city.

Experience duration (hours): 1.0
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I am a local DJ from Tel Aviv. Music is my way of life.

When I was 14 I bought my 1st drum machine. At 17 a sampler. The sampler was big, it allowed me back in the day to sample music. Later on, it moved on to software, enabling more and more people to make music. Today, I have a whole studio inside my phone. My inspiration comes from Israel. I am using lots of mediterranean sounds - combining electronic and organic sounds - which is what I perform today in clubs.

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Come with your inspiration!

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