Information about Way to Stay

How it works

What is an experience?

An experience is an activity that goes beyond the typical class, designed, led and hosted online for small groups by passionate hosts all over the world. 

It allows artists, artisans, performers and coaches to share their talent,  broaden their audience, and connect to people without limits.

The experiences are unique, personalized and interactive. Whether they are individual or collective, they allow people, families, friends, kids to participate, learn, and get out of it inspired!

How it works

  • Check out our list of handpicked experiences, from cooking classes to water color, from pilates to meditation, from singing to tap dance.

  •  Select a date that works for you, sign up and pay. 

  • Connect with the host and make sure to prepare all what you will need, from ingredients to brushes, from yoga mat to pencils!

  • Click on the Zoom link sent by the teacher and you are ready to enjoy!


  • How many people will join the experience?
    Experiences take place in small groups of up to four participants. But you may just as well find yourself with less people, depending on the day. 

  • Where does the experience take place?
    The experience takes place online. It is booked via the Way to Stay platform, and hosted on Zoom.

  • How do you select your hosts?
    There is a secret sauce to how we pick our hosts, but in short:
    - Whether they are dancers, painters or philosophers, they are extraordinary at their craft.
    - They are unique individuals and have interesting stories to tell (just ask them ;-))
    - They are good at conveying their passion and experience and can get all participants involved. 

  • What happens if I'm not able to make it to an experience I booked?
    Hosts are delightful people with a job and a family, so please do try to be mindful of their time. If you really can't make it on time, please contact the host on the Way to Stay chat and they will help you find an arrangement. Should there be any issue, please contact us at

  • What if my English is not that good?
    Experiences are a way for people to connect across borders, so it's important to us that they be offered in English.  If your English is not that good, don't worry! Most experiences don't require you to be perfectly fluent, and many hosts speak other languages as well. They'll be happy to speak slower and repeat if necessary. Trust us, you'll have a great time!

  • I have a great idea for an experience to host! How do I do that?
    Easy! Click on "host an experience" on the top left of your screen and create an account. You'll have to create a profile telling about who you are and your experience; then all you have to do is to create the experience itself and submit it for review. Try to be specific in your description and include pictures!

Are you a company? 

Want to offer unforgettable online experiences to your employees? Contact us at!