Decoupage Art, Turn Trash Into Treasure

Learn the Art of Decoupage, (that's fancy talk for cut and paste.) Using cut out paper bits and a glue mixture, I'll show you how to transform an ordinary cardboard box you might otherwise throw away into a stunning Object de Arte. No longer your trash, but a functional keepsake. Paper can be repurposed from old or new photos, magazines,newspapers, catalogs, maps, calendars, wrapping paper, cards, packaging, memorabilia or souvenirs. Creativity awaits in your throw away stuff.
So much trash, so little time! Its fun to choose a theme. Let's make this something about you, your interests, hobbies, passions, family...let your imagination be your Guide.
I'll offer practical ideas and know how to get you going, so you can go and do it yourself at home. You'll learn some fundamental design tips, many " how -tos" and get answers to your questions. You'll have new inspiration to make fun items that beautify your home and organize your life, or make personal gifts for family and friends. At the same time we'll be recycling, helping out our dear Planet Earth.
All this at almost no cost! Let's turn trash into treasure!
Toward the end of the hour we'll cut it short. Don't expect to finish the project during the session. You'll know what to do later. I'll guide you through it.
Bring snacks and we'll close the hour with a "Show and Tell" about you and your project. Time allowing we'll play a conversation game, sing Happy Birthday to Ourselves, who knows I might even play my Ukulele as we celebrate "Making It!"

Experience duration (hours): 1.0
Experience language:
Recommended for:
About the host:

I have welcomed guests from 27 countries into our home in the Santa Cruz Mountain Redwoods of California. Genuine hospitality sparks my Joy. Many magical moments with family and friends have been shared in our kitchen over food and conversation.
Now in lock-down,my beautiful home is empty. My inner hostess still wants to invite guests in and offer some shelter from the storm with what works best for me to keep calm and be creative. Crafting beautiful things by hand is a mindful meditation: stop, relax and enjoy "Making It."
With a degree in Textile Arts, I designed rugs and wearable art, creating weaving and jewelry that sold in galleries,boutiques and fairs. I have been sharing the joy of arts and crafts as an adult educator for 40 years. My latest obsession is fabricating artsy things with recycled paper and found objects.
If you want to see how I light up in front of a camera you can visit my YouTube page (yomamaeden) to view "The Grandma Honey Show." I started this for my Grandson in NYC as a way to keep in touch over the miles. He's 8 now. Its strictly amateur, but hearty fun and shows my passion.

Requirements - material and skills:

No special skills required, just flexibility and your creative spirit
-For the glue:
Jar of ModPodge, available at arts and crafts stores or order from Amazon
OR: you can make your own glue mixture:
3 parts white craft glue(Like Elmers) and 1 part water, mix ahead and store in covered jar
-Paper scissors
-Small Cardboard Box with Lid
-cut out paper bits, remember the Theme is "Something About You"
-old kitchen sponge to cut up and use to apply glue
-chopsticks, or something to skewer the sponge into for glue application
-small flat paint brushes for gluing , not necessary, only if you have them
-Snacks for "Show and Tell"
Read below about how to prepare your workspace.


Be sure to find a space you can sit down in front of your device,with your hands free. You'll need good light and room to cut and paste. Cover your work area, glue can be messy. Make sure to have a small finger bowl of water and a clean hand towel near by for sticky fingers. Your paper bits should be pre-cut, glue mixture made ahead and in a jar ready to go, and all work materials within reach.
If you just want to watch and learn, no worries. You'll learn a lot and can still ask questions and participate in the "Show and Tell", snacks, and festivities. All are welcome.