Chocolate Pudding Party

Calling all Chocolate Lovers! "Let's get together and feel alright!"
I will guide you through a very easy Chocolate Pudding Recipe with one pan and 5 ingredients. Its vegan, healthy, and can be used in many ways. So delicious, it will satisfy your deepest chocolate desires without the guilt. Whether you are home alone, or looking for something you can make with your friends and family, this is a fun way to expand your cooking skills, and enjoy Chocolate with others from around the world.
As the Pudding cools we'll discuss ideas about how to serve it, or play some conversation games, "Show and Tell" to share something about ourselves, or sing Happy Birthday to Everyone while I play the Ukulele and we will eat our Chocolate Pudding! Its a Party so wear a hat!

Experience duration (hours): 1.0
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About the host:

I have welcomed guests from 27 countries into our home in the Santa Cruz Mountain Redwoods of California. Genuine hospitality sparks my Joy. Many magical moments with family and friends have been shared in our kitchen over food and conversation.
Now we all stay home. My inner hostess still wants to invite guests into my kitchen, the heart of the home, and offer some shelter from the storm with what I do best, Cook and Party!
Complementary home made treats are always served at my table, and Chocolate Pudding is a Specialty of the House.
A self taught cook, I gained expertise as a personal chef, caterer, hosting culinary events, cooking for a winery, running a kids culinary camp and raising a family. An organic gardener, many of my skills involve creating dishes with what I grow, but chocolate remains my favorite dessert.
If you want to see how I light up in front of a camera you can visit my YouTube page (yomamaeden) to view "The Grandma Honey Show." I started this for my Grandson in NYC as a way to keep in touch over the miles. He's 8 now. Its strictly amateur, but hearty fun and shows my passion.

Requirements - material and skills:

1 can Coconut Milk, 13.5 fl. oz, about 400mL (full fat, not lite)
1/2 unsweetened powdered cocoa or cacao, 64g, 2.25 oz/ sifted to avoid lumping
6 Tablespoons Maple Syrup, 15mL
other sweeteners may be substituted,( honey, sugar, agave) and amounts differ
according to your own taste
2 teaspoons vanilla extract, 5mL
salt to taste
This is cooked so you'll need a stove, small sauce pan, spoon to stir,( wisk if it lumps) serving dishes and spoons to devour!
Since this is a party, wear a hat!


All ages are welcome and if you don't want to cook you can just watch and learn. Participation in the Party Games will enhance the experience. Please be flexible as we navigate the technology. There will be laughter and Chocolate Euphoria. Costumes are encouraged! Remember to wear a hat!