Create your own pet with a professional painter

Create, imagine, and play games with this fun beginners painting class for kids!

We will create a mystical imaginary friend and make them come to life. Your kids will find freedom in their own colorful world.

The class will start with a story paired with an example painting, then the kids will be asked to close their eyes and dive into their imaginations to create their own mystical friend. I will guide them step by step on how to paint and customize their creature (with games during drying times to keep them engaged), and each child will finish with a unique painting that brings their imagination into reality.

Painting is not only fun but a constructive and confidence boosting. Each child will finish the class with something personal to them and hopefully be excited to share their imaginary friend with the whole family!

Experience duration (hours): 1.5
Experience language:
Recommended for:
About the host:

I'm a self taught artist from Texas, living in Israel. I've always found so much freedom and relaxation in art and I've noticed over years of teaching children, they need these two things the most.

I've taught at camps, workshops and even led paint parties for kids of all ages and adults as well. I mostly work with acrylic paint but explore with water color, gouache and sketching. One of my favorite mediums is henna actually and I have gotten a lot of inspiration from that design style.

Requirements - material and skills:

Acrylic paints (or any fast drying paint)
Thick and thin paint brush
Bowl of water
Paper towels
Any level of painting skill is welcome! (If your child very young please make sure to help them if needed)


For kids 6 and older